Ounasrinne multi-purpose building

The façade of Ounasrinne multi-purpose building located in Rovaniemi, Finland, is a joyful combination of different colours inspired by the surrounding landscape. In addition to the vibrant colour scheme, humanizing the scale and pacing of the building were important aspects in the designing process. “In designing the large facade surfaces, we strived to create pacing and interplay between colours with differently coloured boards, the hues of which were inspired by the surrounding tree-covered hill in the autumn,” says Project Architect Hannu Kankaanpää.

 Cembrit Color facade boards in various colours link the building to the surrounding environment while Cembrit Faveton ceramic tiles add extra durability to the ground floor. Additionally, the ventilated façade structure built with Cembrit Windstopper boards provides the building with a windproof and waterproof envelope.

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