Kesko’s former headquarters in mid-town Helsinki

Old business spaces become high-value apartments as Lehto Group builds 64 apartments in Kesko’s former headquarters in mid-town Helsinki. Cembrit Permabase board is being used for the bathrooms and utility rooms, and provides a fast and stable base for waterproofing and tiling.

Cement-based fibre board is a safe solution both in regard to the contractor’s liability and for the residents of the dwellings, as it will be unaffected by the moisture load, and due to the materials it is manufactured from, it will also be alkaline. The alkalinity prevents mould growth on the surface of the board. And even if the waterproof sealing becomes damaged at some point over the years, the board will not absorb moisture and no damage to the structures will occur.

According to Lehto Group representative, the total cost of Permabase boarding, including installation, is less than other options.

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