Case: As Oy Sokinvuori,Espoo, Finland

A durable, beautiful and energy-efficient ventilated facade was achieved through a refurbishment 

The cheerfully coloured Cembrit Color facade boards brighten up a facade located in Suvela, Espoo, refurbished and additionally insulated with Weber’s ventilated SerpoVent panel plastering. The refurbished facade stands out among the dreary exposed-aggregate facades in the area and creates a new look for its immediate environment with cheerful and refreshing architecture. The improved appearance and living comfort of the building also increase the value of the entire property and the flats in it. 


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Product: Cembrit Permabase, Cembrit Patina, Cembrit Color
Building: Asunto Oy Espoon Sokinvuori
Address: Sokinsuontie 5, Espoo
Project architect: Suomen Talokeskus Oy
Head developer: Suomen Talokeskus Oy
Building contractor: Suomen Saneeraustalo Oy